Title & Link Participants/Location Date
“The Epistemology of the Hermeneutics of Suspicion” Keynote Address at the 6th Annual Summer School on Classical German Philosophy, University of Bonn 2016
“The Truth is Terrible: Nietzsche on the Aesthetic Justification of Life” Hansford M. Epes Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities, Davidson College 2014
“Why Tolerate Religion?” Center for Inquiry, Washington, D.C.. 2013
"Why Tolerate Religion?" Carnegie Council on Ethics and Public Affairs. 2012
"Who is the Sovereign Individual? Nietzsche on Freedom" Lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society, St. Peter's College, Oxford University. 2010
“Theoretical Disagreements” With Scott Shapiro, Bloggingheads TV. 2008


Title & Link Participants/Location Date
Philosophy Bites A podcast discussing "analytic" and "continental" philosophy. 2011
Why? A radio discussion about “The Profession of Philosophy.” 2010
Elucidations A podcast discussing discussing religious toleration. 2010
Philosophy Bites A podcast discussing myths about Nietzsche. 2009
Elucidations A podcast discussing discussing Nietzsche on morality. 2009
“What Do and What Should Judges Do?” With Judge Richard Posner, University of Chicago Law School. 2006
Philosophy Talk Discussing Nietzsche. 2004